Need More Conversions? Look to Your Content!

A lot of the time content marketing and conversion optimization don’t even show up in the same paragraph, much less sentence, in terms of how we think about making it all work together.

In reality, you need to both consider CRO (conversion rate optimization) as it applies to your content, and your content as to how it works with conversions. For best results we need to meld the two into one when putting our content out there.

5 Ways to use content for better conversion rates


Make your site navigation easy to use –

On the list of worst stumbling blocks to more conversions is the inability for your potential customers to get where they want to go. Solve this by using simple and obvious site navigation, and also a liberal use of text links within your content to show where they need to go!

 visual content marketing

Use visuals! –

The more images and videos you use in your content, the more often it’ll be read, shared and acted upon. That’s not opinion, but a fact. We like to look and watch, read…not so much.

 optimize for mobile

Optimize for mobile –

With well over half of all web access and search now coming through a mobile device of some type, if you’re not optimized for mobile you are unquestionably losing out.

 create unique, valuable content

Create unique, valuable content –

The very best way to help your conversions is by creating content that is valuable, sharable and leads logically (and one would hope with some urgency!) to the next step, conversion.

 nail your calls to action

Nail your calls to action –

Take time to carefully think about and test the various elements of your calls to action. Colors, headlines, link text, buttons are a few things you need to optimize to help make it seem an outgrowth of your content, yet still shine.

Making these pieces all play nice together is your challenge. Creating a conversion mindset in your customer is tricky, and you want to do all you can so it’s easy for them to step into the buy zone!

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